What program/camera/iPad do you use?

You can find all my materials here.

Should I study graphic design?

It is a very personal decision and one that you must assess for yourself. I recommend doing your research on the college curriculum you're considering and taking online courses beforehand to see if it's something you'll like.

What advice can you give me if I want to start in the world of illustration/design?

1. The one that everyone repeats to you, but the most important: PRACTICE. To get good at something you have to do it over and over again. Do not despair, enjoy the process and remember that you are developing your portfolio, which is the most important thing when looking for a job.

2. Show your work. It is impossible to get clients if nobody knows what you do. Make yourself known in all the media you can. Take advantage of the time in which we live, it is very easy to share your creations on the internet.

3. Update yourself constantly. The world of design advances very quickly and it is important to be learning all the time.

4. Think of yourself as a company. Try to be very formal with your times, get organized, create your contracts, develop your brand, go out and look for a job or clients.

5. Try to create your own style. It is important to look for references, but NOT to copy someone else. But don't get overwhelmed. Defining a style can be scary if you see it as a forever commitment. Life is divided into stages, create what you feel at this moment. Your tastes will change and your style too... there's nothing wrong with that.

How do you manage to live in the forest?

Since I decided what I was going to study, I had in mind one of the greatest benefits of my profession, and that is that I can work from wherever I want, just with a bit of internet. My husband has lived here since he was a little boy and it was always a dream of mine to have my house in the woods. When we got married I moved out of town and it's been wonderful every day since. There are many complications such as electricity, internet, drainage, etc. But everything has been achieved and I would not change it.

Where should I study?

It depends a lot on your personal situation. You must consider the universities that are close to you, the transfer, your budget, and the study plan of all your options so that you can assess which one has the subjects that most attract your attention. Remember that the student is more important than the school. You can always learn on your own or complement your studies with online courses.

Do you have online courses?

Not at the moment, but it's in my plans for the near future. When the day comes I will announce it on my social networks. In the meantime, I have a bunch of free tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Do you do logos / commissions?

I am currently focused on illustration and content creation. If you are looking for an illustrated branding project, you can contact me at my email: hola@marciacocco.com At the moment, the illustrated portraits and personal commissions are closed.

Let's work together

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